God Is Not a Player … He Is the Victor!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When everything looked hopeless, Sharon’s seed ignited the beginning of amazing breakthroughs.

Worried sick about bills that had been piling up during her husband’s illness, Sharon happened upon an Inspiration Ministries program teaching on sowing seeds. “I was at the point of total exhaustion. For two years, I had been the 24/7 caretaker of my husband Al as he battled urethral carcinoma. God supernaturally strengthened me day by day to care for him.”

Despite the financial stress, seed sowing spoke hope to Sharon’s heart. “I wanted to be obedient to God’s command – and I wanted to show that I trusted God.” But then, doubt reared up. “The bills stressed me so much, I tried to play the lottery thinking God might help me win and solve our problems that way. I found out God doesn’t need that kind of help; He is not a player!”

She sowed a seed, and within a week a letter came in the mail. Sharon felt sure it was a bill. “To my total surprise, it was a check from my husband’s disability retirement. We didn’t even know they owed him anything more. God is totally amazing!”

The unexpected payment allowed Sharon and Al to catch up on bills and simply enjoy one another. Sharon pulled off a surprise 64th birthday party for Al. Days later, the Lord called him home. “God has been our strength and comfort through this cancer battle. I’m so grateful God took him before his suffering got worse. My husband was a great example and loved by many because He loved God so much. He read his Bible every day, and I know my husband is safe in Heaven.”

In Sharon’s grief, there is rejoicing both for her husband’s legacy and for learning to trust God more. She thanks Inspiration Ministries for helping her believe in sowing and reaping. “It works! It may not come right when we wish it would, but if we stay in faith, it comes when we need it. God is seldom early, but He’s never late!”