Ginny Dent Brant

Ginny Dent Brant and the Book She Never Wanted to Write (Part 2)

John FarrellBy John Farrell11 Minutes

John Farrell: You must make an active conscious decision to confront and beat cancer, if you’re able, and not just sit back and let cancer take over.

Ginny Dent Brant: That’s right. You are a part of the cure. I had to look at this. I dug deep because I wanted to find out what caused cancer in a health nut like me. It took me several years, but I kept pushing buttons. The doctors did all this genetic testing. Nothing showed up.

There were eight risk factors for the cancer I got. I didn’t have one of them. That caused me to go deeper. The deeper I dug and the more I learned, I realized that there were things I was doing that caused my cancer. They found high levels of toxic chemicals that had accumulated in my body that were endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or what we call Xenoestrogen. I had an estrogen-fed aggressive cancer.

Toxins in my body, coming from the outside-in plus some in my body, contributed to that. That’s why I said, “There’s no way I cannot write a book and inform people because a lot of people are making the same mistakes I made.”

I want to warn people. If you want to prevent cancer, these are the eight steps you take. If you’re on the cancer journey, these are the same eight steps you take. And if you’ve already had cancer and you don’t want it coming back, again these are the same eight steps that you take.

Then the book releases during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s the same eight steps to reduce your susceptibility to catching or having COVID manifest in your body in a negative way.

JF: Of all the eight steps listed in your book, which one do you find that most people struggle with?

Ginny: I would have to say diet. It’s hard when you grow up with what I call the Junk Food Sad American diet. I grew up with it. Meat three times a day. All these starches. Eating processed foods. I was the queen of junk food for many years in my life.

Gradually through the school of hard knocks, through watching my father lose his mind from dementia, and then going to the research conferences and finding out about dementia, Alzheimer’s, and lifestyle diseases, I’ve learned there are some genetic factors. But just like cancer, it’s only 10 to 15% at the most.

Each thing in my life kept teaching me to change my diet, and I gradually changed it. I thought I was doing so good because of the fruits and vegetables I was eating. The average American gets two, maybe three – and they think French fries are a healthy vegetable, but they’re not – but I was getting like seven thinking, ‘I was a good girl.’

I’m now getting 10 to 12 because God told us in Genesis, “See all this food. I have made this for you to eat.” Today, science can now confirm that fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs – what we call the Genesis Diet – are packed with nutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants that help prevent disease. We can put the two together and see that God created the bounty of nature for our healing.

In America, one out of three people is obese, one out of three is overweight. So, two out of three people have bodies that are occupied with supporting weight that’s not healthy for their body, causing Type 2 diabetes, causing more susceptibility to disease and heart disease. All these things impact the immune system.

If we can control what we say, that’s hard enough. If we can control what goes into our mouth, that is hard as well. I don’t know if the tongue is harder to tame or what we put in our mouth, but both take a lot of discipline. I’m more motivated than the average person and I could have died. I want my body to be healthy because I don’t want to go through that again and I don’t want it coming back.

There are three recommendations in my book at the end of each of the eight sections. It tells you what to do if you just want to prevent. The next section is if you’re in the cancer journey, do this or add this to it. If you’re a high risk for your cancer coming back, you get into the third category. I need to do all three because of my risk factors for this cancer coming back.

Some people are in the first category and they’re doing well, and that will help them to prevent cancer and disease. For me, it took a while to whip my diet into shape and use food as medicine rather than just what I enjoyed eating. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I eat now, but it took a while for me to change my taste buds to what actually promotes healing in my body.

JF: When you were researching and writing the book and the different sections, what did you learn about yourself? Or was there anything you found that had a direct, life-altering impact on you?

Ginny: When they found those high levels of chemicals accumulated in my body, I looked back and said, “Oh my goodness, if I have these high levels of chemicals, my husband must too because we’re two pigs eating out of the same trough in the same pig pit.” We’re living in the same environment, and he’s exposed to more chemicals than I am. So, I had him tested. And guess what? He didn’t have high levels. That showed me that my body doesn’t detox as well as his body does.

I go to great lengths in the book to show you where these chemicals are coming from. How they’re getting into our system. Some are inside our bodies. Many are coming from the outside in.

I had to figure out how to lessen my toxic load because as you get older your body is less able to deal with these high levels of toxins, and they keep pumping more and more toxins into our environment every year. But praise God, he gave us five filtering systems. We want to make sure those filtering systems are going to lessen our load. We’re going to lessen the toxins coming into our body. Then we’re going to make it so that our liver, our lungs, our colon, our kidneys, and our skin – where we sweat out toxins – are all doing their job, and we’re enhancing what God has given us rather than sabotaging it.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and you’re sitting all the time, instead of moving, you’re not going to sweat as much, your colon’s not going to move as much and pump those toxins out. It’s all about what we do and being in sync with how God created the body.

Another thing I’ve learned is that when you’re engaged in deep sleep, the miracles that are going on every day in your body only increase because melatonin goes off in your body. It’s a major immune builder against COVID-19, and it’s a major cancer fighter. But if you’re not getting deep sleep, it’s going to cut you short down the road eventually. I don’t care whether you’re a pastor or Christian, we are all instructed to take care of these temples that we’ve been given.

JF: How has this journey impacted your faith?

Ginny: At first my faith was struggling just to be perfectly honest. I didn’t understand how this could happen when I was trying not to get cancer. But when I learned all the ways that God created the body to heal, and I saw how someone like me can go through the worst chemotherapy known to mankind for the longest amount of time and come out totally healthy and thriving, the credit goes to God because he created the body to heal.

I’m just amazed at the wonder of how he created this body. It is so intricate, and so mind-boggling. I just praise him and thank him for it. It has strengthened my faith where at first I was struggling.

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