Weekly Devotions for Families Called to Serve

Weekly Devotions for Families Called to Serve

Karen WhitingBy Karen Whiting7 Minutes


Excerpt from 52 Weekly Devotions for Families Called to Serve by Karen Whiting

Week 5

Celebrating Faithful Service

Family Beatitude: Happy is the family who celebrates service, for they will impact lives.

Focus: Honoring those who serve



Weekly Bible Verse:

What more can I say? I don’t have time to tell about all the others. I don’t have time to talk about Gideon, Barak, Samson and Jephthah. I don’t have time to tell about David and Samuel and the prophets. Because of their faith they took over kingdoms. They ruled fairly. They received the blessings God had promised. They shut the mouths of lions. They put out great fires. They escaped being killed by swords. Their weakness was turned to strength. They became powerful in battle. They beat back armies from other countries. Hebrews 11:32-34

Activity Options:

 Record the deeds of family members who serve. Make a video or scrapbook page celebrating their service.

 Get stronger. God turned weakness to strength for these people. Strengthen your muscles with exercises. Plan different exercises to work on various muscles.

 Run or walk a mile to strengthen legs.

 Do a dozen sit-ups to build core strength.

 Do a few pushups for stronger arms.

 Lift weights or bottles of water to strengthen arms.

 Do stretches to help your muscles be flexible and limber.

 Do calf raises to strengthen calf muscles of your legs.

 Lie on your back and do leg raises to strengthen your core.

 Practice Fairness. Our memory verse praises people for ruling fairly.

 Choose a favorite game to play and discuss fair ways to choose who gets the first turn.

 Let one of the children divide a dessert and pass it out as fairly as they can.

 Treat someone the way you want to be treated. Do that person’s chore one day or share a special toy with that individual.

Wall of Service (2 minutes) — Family Devotion (Read Aloud)

Two-year-old Dylan pointed to a picture on the wall and asked, “Who is that?”

Mom said, “That’s your Grandpa Kyle. He is on our wall of fame. He is a missionary. He tells people in Peru about Jesus.”

Dylan said, “Pray for Grandpa Kyle.”

“Yes. We like to pray for the people on the wall.” She said a prayer and Dylan repeated the words. Dylan then pointed to the next person. He liked the prayer wall. Every day, he led his mom or dad to the wall to name and pray for the people pictured there. They included a nurse, police officer, missionaries, and a teacher in the family. They all helped other people.

Dylan said, “Read the hall of people in Bible.”

His mom smiled and read from Hebrews chapter eleven about many people from the Old Testament. They fought battles, were great leaders, and put out fires.

She said, “They sound like first responders and the military. There are people in every generation who chose to serve and help others. Moses who followed God to free the Israelites from slavery, Joseph who preserved people with storing grain, and Rahib who hid spies to keep them safe. There are many ways to serve people.”

Dylan said, “I help. I pray!”

Bible Story Connection (3-4 minutes)

Read about Caleb in Numbers 13:16-31 and Numbers 14:24. Moses sent Caleb and eleven other men to check out the Promised Land. These spies saw the powerful people and felt scared. Only Caleb and Joshua believed God would give them the land. Chat about how trusting God’s power helps you be a faithful servant.

Chat Prompts

  • Do everything you say or do in the name of the Lord Jesus. Always give thanks to God the Father through Christ. Colossians 3:17

Discuss how serving your country or community is also a way to serve God. How can you do your schoolwork or other activities for Jesus and feel thankful for that work?

  • I am thankful to Christ Jesus our Lord. He has given me strength. I thank him that he considered me faithful. I thank him for appointing me to serve him. 1 Timothy 1:12

Chat about why people serve others and how God will give them strength to continue the work. Let children ask about your call to serve in your career or area of volunteering.

  • It will be good for the slave if the master finds him doing his job when the master returns. Matthew 24:46

Why is it important to be faithful? Why should you work even when no one is watching?

Scrapbook/Prayer Journal Options

Add art about your hall of faith or the one in Hebrews:

  • Draw a wide cross and let the long upright section be a hallway to write in names of your family’s heroes of faith.
  • Illustrate the verse with fire, a lion, sword, and a crown.
  • Draw a symbol, such as a firefighter’s hat, for what you want to be when you grow up.

Frontline Tips

  • Create a wall or bulletin board of fame for your family’s heroes. Add a few scriptures such as 1 Timothy 1:12 or Colossians 3:17.
  • Pray daily for those who are serving God and others.


Dear Father, thanks for all our family members and other people who serve our community and country. Help us serve you as people in the Hall of Faith did. In Jesus’ name, amen.


End the week by chatting about family members on your wall or bulletin board of fame. Talk about your family goal to follow God and to become a member of God’s hall of fame.

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