Treasure Worth Seeking - Raiders of the Lost Ark

A Raiders of the Lost Ark Devotional: The Community of Treasure Seekers

Britt MooneyBy Britt Mooney11 Minutes

Devotional #8: God of Second Chances

Indiana was warned three times in Raiders of the Lost Ark. All of them were serious messages trying to steer him away from seeking the wrong treasure.

At the same time, Indiana had several opportunities to choose the right treasure, Marion. The initial opportunity was when he was young and broke her heart. The movie follows other events like their meeting in Nepal and when he realizes she’s alive and doesn’t rescue her.

Finally, he gets it. He chooses her over the Ark.

God is a god of second chances. And third. And fourth. And more. Probably more chances than we ever realize.

He is known for his immense mercy and loving kindness. Jehovah’s anger lasts for a moment (Psalm 30:5) and his favor for a thousand generations (Exodus 20:6). His goodness leads us to repentance, often one step at a time (Romans 2:4).

Recently, CS Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert is a movie that opened in theaters and recounts the popular Christian author’s conversion to atheism as a child and how God led him back to the love of Christ kicking and screaming, not all at once but through years of wooing.

We give up on people pretty quick sometimes. Even ourselves. But we shouldn’t. God doesn’t.

I used to do this thing with my kids when we would watch a movie. The film would reach the “all is lost” moment, usually about three-fourths of the way through. I would stop the movie when all seemed lost and say, “Well, no point watching anymore. It’s over. They can’t come back from that.”

My kids would yell and scream to keep watching. They knew the story wasn’t over.

We must remember with ourselves and others that despite how dark it seems in the moment, the story isn’t over. And we have a God who promises that all things work together for good if we love him and walk with him in purpose. Not some things but all. (Romans 8:28)

That is conditional upon loving God and following him on mission. We must endure in hope to the end (Matthew 24:13-15). The enemy will try to get us to quit on God and people when it appears dark.

Even the early church was skeptical of Paul’s conversion to faith in Christ. Seemed pretty impossible. Yet Barnabas knew God is master of doing the impossible and gave Paul a chance (Acts 9:26-30).

We must remember that God’s love hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:6-10).

Praise God for his mercy and numerous chances to repent and walk with him! Let us also show that same love to others.

Father, thank you for your patience that I didn’t deserve. Give me the grace to give that mercy and generosity to others, believing in your ability to change even the hardest of hearts. Amen.

Devotional #9: The True Treasure Makes Us Free

Indiana Jones chooses the right treasure in Marion, which didn’t appear very successful at first because they are then captured by the enemy and tied to a post when Belloq opens the Ark.

At that point, Indiana begins to believe that the unseen is real, that all those warnings mattered. He acts on that belief and tells Marion to close her eyes, don’t look at the wrong treasure. They are the only ones that survive the death-lighting of God. But that’s not all. When it all gets quiet, they look down to see they are no longer bound. The ropes simply fall away in tatters.

The same event produced death in some and freedom for others.

Jesus spoke to crowds. Some believed and many didn’t. The Word was unchanged. The difference was who had the ability to hear and chose to listen (Matthew 11:15).

Chasing the wrong treasure binds us in a lie, leading us to death. Seeking after the right treasure? That makes us free.

Jesus said, “You will know (be one with) the Truth, and the Truth will set and make you free.” (John 8:31-32) The meaning isn’t to only set us free, as if escaping a prison, but to make us free. Making us free is a change in our nature, a return to the original design. We are now treasure seekers ready to give our lives for what matters.

This is freedom from even our own weakness and lack. Freedom not to do what we want but to follow God and live a godly life (2 Peter 1:2-4). Now that we are in a relationship with God, we are inheritors of a Heavenly Kingdom, which we can’t lose and will never fade away (1 Peter 1:4). That allows us to live free instead of in worry over our provision or position in this life.

Let’s continue to rest in his promises and power and follow as he leads us.

Father, thank you for making and setting me free from the curse and power and consequence of sin. Thank you for translating me from death into life. Give me the grace to believe and act in faith and freedom by seeking after you always. Amen.

Devotional #10: A Community of Treasure Seekers 

Indiana Jones does get the Ark of the Covenant, after all. He takes it to the U.S. government, and they decide to hide it away in a warehouse instead of placing it in a museum.

Jones is disappointed and comes out on the steps of a federal building where Marion waits for him. He says, “They don’t know what they’ve got in there.”

Marion responds, “I know what I’ve got right here.”

Then she takes his arm, and they walk off together.

Back when Indiana Jones sought the wrong treasure, he lost community with his mentor and his love, Marion. Now that he’s on the right path to the true treasure, he’s gained community and intimacy again.

We weren’t meant to do this alone. If we are going to be treasure seekers after what eternally matters, we need one another. We need the support, the connection, and the encouragement from others. (1 Corinthians 12:12-31)

The only “problem” for Adam in the Garden of Eden was that there wasn’t anyone like him to relate to. He had God but also needed another person for intimacy and to fulfill the mission to multiply and cover the earth with the image of God. God fixed that issue with Eve (Genesis 2:18-25).

Jesus sent out the disciples by two (Luke 10:1-23). Paul and Barnabas were called together (Acts 13:2-3). When they divided over the status of Mark, Barnabas took Mark and Paul included Silas and Luke on his journeys (Acts 15:36-31). Even Jesus didn’t go alone. He had a group of men close to him. (Luke 6:12-16)

Loving others is inseparable from loving God with our heart. If our Christ-like love is the one thing that proves we are from Heaven, then that requires other people around us.

We must learn from treasure seekers that have gone on before us. We must pass on what we’ve learned to other treasure seekers. We must develop a culture in the church of treasure seekers.

What joy! What adventure! What life!

Who are those people in your life? Who is mentoring you as a treasure seeker? Who are you mentoring? What is the community of faith that inspires you to give your life for the right treasure?

If you don’t know, you might have to seek a little. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Father, thank you for providing me with a treasure that will last, that matters, wealth of meaning and purpose and intimacy. Help me to surround myself with those who will teach me and find others to encourage on this adventure. Amen.