Youth vs. Experience

Youth vs. Experience

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How many great ideas have been developed by young people! Innovative thinking often results from a willingness to think differently and approach problems in new ways. Younger people can be open to new concepts and ready to leave the past behind. Yet history also demonstrates the value of experience.

One recent study examined the characteristics of organizations with young CEOs. This study examined thousands of companies, looking for activities that changed the company in significant ways.

Among the conclusions: Young leaders are more willing to change. They are more likely to enter new businesses, acquire new companies, and exit business ventures. They are more willing to make significant changes to the way an organizational structure. In fact, “a young CEO increases the probability of restructuring by 10 to 15 percent.” At the same time, older leaders tend to be more conservative and less willing to change. Their philosophy may be less exciting but can be more beneficial in other ways.

In the Bible, we see the boldness of youth demonstrated in the comments of Elihu. He is seen as a restless observer, frustrated by Job’s other friends. Although basically polite, he also was eager to speak and act.

The Bible encourages us to appreciate experience and seek out counselors with practical history. But we also are called to recognize the value of the boldness of youth. Both, guided by God, can be critical to success and prudent approaches to the challenges of life.