Your Time

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It has become one of the common ways to escape. Fueled by developments in technology, television viewers increasingly have been freed from the limits of a schedule. Through on demand, DVD, and online viewing options, many feel free to watch what they want, when they want. And many have used this freedom to engage in “binge” viewing.

By definition, this means watching several episodes of a series, back-to-back. Sometimes catching up with programs that have been missed. Sometimes exploring new discoveries.

But a recent study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin revealed another aspect of this binge viewing. The conclusion? “People who binge-watch are more likely to be depressed and lonely.” The authors of the study discovered that watching in these binges helps people escape the negative things in their lives, and avoid things they don’t want to face.

The Bible warns us about how easy it can be to seek ways to escape the problems we face. How easily we can become creatures of habit, and allow our lives to be governed by our schedule. To be influenced by the opinions of others. To be shaped by the things we allow into our minds. TV programs and video clips. The gossip we hear and read.

Many have become obsessed with social media, addicted to their mobile devices.

The Bible urges to remember that we have choices about how we spend our time, and what we do with our lives. As we make choices, we are urged to “be careful.” To realize that God has given us the opportunity to decide how to spend our time, and recognize that many choices lead in the wrong direction.

Ask God to help you be wise about how you spend your time. What you do with your life. Let Christ’s life live through you today!