Your Testimony

Your Testimony

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The psalmist was honest. He asked God to be merciful, bless His people, and cause His face to shine upon them. They depended on Him to bless them, provide for them, and meet their needs.

But there was another perspective. His actions provided a testimony and a witness. Through His mercy and blessings, God became known throughout the world. His actions demonstrated that His ways are true. He showed that He really could provide salvation. Regardless of how things appeared on the surface, God will provide justice and righteous judgment. He ultimately will “govern the nations on earth.”

The realization of God’s presence and sovereignty should fill us with praise. Knowing that He is in control should relieve our burdens and encourage all of us to praise Him, to “be glad and sing for joy!”

Praise for His mercy and blessing is a central part of our testimony. Yes, we desire God to meet our needs, but we also are to become testimonies for others, so through our lives, others would see the wonderful things that He has done. Others need to see the truth of His promises, why we can trust Him, why we don’t need to carry our burdens or live in fear, and why we truly can shout for joy.

May the way we live show others why they should commit their lives to Him to know Him and serve Him.