Your Supply

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

According to historian John Keegan, one reason the Assyrian army became so powerful in Old Testament times was because it developed revolutionary new ways to transport supplies. As a result, they were “the first true long-range army, able to campaign as far as 300 miles from base.”

As armies throughout history have discovered, adequate supplies are essential for victory. And many armed forces have experienced defeat because they failed to secure adequate lines to transport supplies.

Just consider the experience of Napoleon. Although he was a military genius, his army was not prepared for the lengthy campaign that resulted from its invasion of Russia. Historian Bevin Alexander commented that, “facing a grueling Russian winter with no secure base and no means of supply, Napoleon was forced to order a devastating retreat.”

Supplies also are critical for our spiritual battles. This means that we need to be equipped for life’s challenges. To be armed and ready for spiritual warfare. To be prepared by filling our minds with God’s Word. To have strong prayer lives and become sensitive to the leading of His Spirit.

We also gain strength from being connected with other Believers in the Body of Christ. Just as in the days of Ezra, we are to be willing to give freely from the resources God has given us. Realizing that He blesses us that we might be a blessing to others.

Make sure that you are spiritually prepared for the battles of life. Dedicate yourself and your resources to serving God. You have an important role to play in bringing the Gospel to the nations. Be ready!