Your Responsibility

Your Responsibility

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

God gave Ezekiel a vision that overwhelmed him so much that he sat stunned for seven days. He was not sure what to do until God told him the secret that would change his life: He was not responsible for understanding everything; His assignment was to obey God and focus on the assignments that he was given.

If Ezekiel obeyed and was faithful, the outcome was in God’s hands. He only needed to worry if he failed to obey. Then, he would bear the responsibility.

Suddenly everything became simpler. Every day, he just needed to obey God and be faithful with the resources, assignments, and opportunities he had been given. He needed to warn those whom God told him to warn.

How easy it can be to fail to have this kind of focus and to become distracted. But everything changes when we understand what God has called us to do – our personal mission, our personal assignment. We find fulfillment, peace, and blessings when we serve Him faithfully with what He has given us.

Today, ask God to clarify His calling for your life. Dedicate your time and resources to accomplish this calling. Do not become sidetracked, give in to pressures, or conform to the things of this world. Take a stand for God. Serve Him faithfully and be confident that He will reward you and give you His blessings and peace.