Your Private Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The elders of Israel were concerned with appearances. Acting “in the dark,” they thought no one would know what they had done in secret. Their actions were so isolated that they didn’t feel anyone could see them. Not even God. They were so convinced that He had “forsaken the land” that they had rooms where they kept carved images.

But God knew everything they were doing, and He revealed their secret actions to Ezekiel. They might have been able to hide from others, but they could not hide from Him. Even the things done in the darkness were exposed.

How easily we can approach life like these elders—focused on appearances and trying to control what others think about us. We may be able to fool others and shape their attitudes, but what do they really know about us? People may see us and think they know us, but each of us has a private life. What others really know is only what seems to be true on the surface—how we appear…what we say…and what they see us doing.

But no other person really can enter our thought life or know our true feelings and attitudes. Perhaps we have our own “room of idols,” filled with things we secretly worship. But God knows the things and interests that truly dominate our hearts.

Today, remember that God knows everything about you. He knows your every thought, not just your appearance or what other people see you doing. He sees your attitude and intentions.

Don’t try to hide from Him. Be honest with Him, and let Him deal with any secret sins. Seek to be pure in His sight, pleasing to Him.