Your Life, Calling, and Ministry

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The cupbearer and baker had many things in common. Both had high-ranking positions in the Egyptian government. Both had made mistakes and were confined in jail. Then both had a dream on the same night. On the surface, we might wonder if this was more than a coincidence. Perhaps these men had even more in common, and their dreams may have been related in some way.

But the central fact is that each dream had “its own interpretation.” It was given to an individual and had a unique meaning for that individual.

This particularly was a revelation to the baker. He had heard Joseph’s interpretation of the cupbearer’s dream—how the dream indicated that the cupbearer would be restored to his former position.

Encouraged by this interpretation, the baker asked Joseph to interpret his dream as well. But, to his surprise, Joseph explained that the baker would not be restored. To the contrary, he would be hanged in a matter of days.

This picture gives us insight into an important truth. Each of us may have friends and relatives with whom we share common interests and experiences. We may have similar personalities and hobbies.

But God has created each of us as a unique person, with unique callings and special assignments. We have unique gifts and talents, and the Lord gives us unique opportunities to use our gifts.

Today, remember that God has a unique plan for you. He loves you and wants to develop a personal relationship with you. Seek to serve Him with passion and excellence, but also commit yourself to playing your unique role in His Kingdom.