Your Legacy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As he neared the end, David became reflective. Reading his last words, we sense his thoughts. As his time grew short, he became more conscious of eternal things and the shortness of life.

Looking back, David remembered his many accomplishments. But in that moment, he realized that every blessing had come from God, and that everything that had been meaningful was the result of His work in his life.

He knew that he had made mistakes and created problems. But He realized how God blessed him in spite of these imperfections.

Reflecting on David’s conclusions, we all can realize that there will be cloudy moments and times that might seem dark and uncertain. But God always is with us and eventually the sun will shine, and He will provide clarity and hope.

David realized the importance of the fear of God. Always being sensitive to His leading. Always seeking to know His will and His Word. And looking back, David could remember how unimportant were things he once thought were so important. Only what was done for God really mattered in the end.

Finally, David realized that God brings eternal rewards. He knew that he could trust his life and everything he had done, to Him. God alone could provide lasting meaning and fruit that would last. Serving God gives us perspective, and helps us keep an eternal perspective.

Today, think for a moment about your life. What has been most important to you? Are there things you feel God wants you to accomplish? Tasks you feel are left unfulfilled? What is your legacy? Is God pleased?