Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Every day, people all around us listen to our words and watch our actions. In subtle and overt ways, they study what we do. As they look at the lives of Believers, they wonder if their actions are consistent with their beliefs. This is true for adults of all ages. And even children.

In fact, the degree to which parents influence their children was confirmed by a recent study. This concluded that “young children like to emulate their adults.” This particularly was true about entertainment. Yes, they are influenced by their peers, but also closely watch their parents, copying their behavior. What they watch. What they listen to. What they do with their time and resources. In the process, even young children form habits likely to last a lifetime.

How often we might think we can act in isolation, as if we lived in a vacuum. This isn’t just true for parents, but for everyone. On our jobs. When we shop. In our homes and churches. We might think we can say or do what we want, and that it won’t matter. But God knows what impact we really have, whether or not we realize it.

In your life, remember that people are watching and listening to you. You have the opportunity to influence them! If they know you are a Believer, they watch to see if your actions are consistent with your faith. They wonder if you are a hypocrite, or if your faith is genuine. They look to see evidence if the Gospel is true, and if you really apply Biblical principles. How you treat other people. Your emotions. Your priorities. Your character.

Ask God to transform your life so people see Jesus in you. That you might be a more powerful witness for Him.