Your Guide to Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Why is the Bible so important? To many it is just a collection of stories. One possible option. But, in fact, the Bible is our guide to life.

From the story of creation, we receive a foundational worldview to shape our thinking. From Adam and Eve, we learn God’s designs, and the reality of temptation. From Noah, we see His standards and holiness. From Abraham, we learn how to live by faith. From Joseph, we learn to trust Him in every situation.

From Moses we learn the importance of humility, and how to lead, and follow His leading. From the Law we see principles that lead to success, and failure. From Israel’s history, we see the consequences of obedience and disobedience, and how quickly we can forget history’s lessons.

From David, we learn the heart of God. From Solomon, we learn the keys to Godly wisdom and the consequences of pride. From Isaiah, we glimpse His plans. From Ezekiel and Jeremiah, we learn the importance of obeying His call. From Amos, we learn that God’s call may seem outside our comfort zone. From Hosea, we learn the depth of His love.

From the Psalms, we learn to be honest with God, and sing His praises. From Proverbs, we learn discretion and wisdom. From Ecclesiastes, we realize how life without God can be like chasing the wind.

From Peter, we see boldness. From Paul, we receive an overflow of spiritual insights. From Hebrews, we understand how the old and new covenants work together. From Revelation, we receive His perspective of eternity. The benefits of the words and life of Jesus are too many to be counted, and the entire Bible is ultimately a testimony about Him (Luke 24:27).

Amazingly, the truths in the Bible apply to each of us. This is why we need to depend on the Bible. To learn and study it. To make it a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.