Your Glorious Future

Your Glorious Future

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born in Ireland in 1705, William Tennent Jr. moved to America in 1718 along with his family. An influential minister, his father helped shape the early years of America’s Great Awakening. But the young Tennent faced many personal struggles.

While still young, he became gravely ill and lost consciousness. Many thought he would never recover. But he found himself “in another state of existence.” Suddenly, he “beheld at a distance an ineffable glory,” with an impression that was “impossible to communicate to mortal man.”

He saw “an innumerable host of happy beings surrounding the inexpressible glory, in acts of adoration and joyous worship.” He heard “songs and hallelujahs of thanksgiving and praise, with unspeakable rapture.” He was filled with “unutterable” joy.

Then he heard, “You must return to the earth.” After regaining consciousness, he realized that his body had “appeared lifeless” for three days. Yet this seemed to him “not more than ten or twenty minutes.” His life was never the same.

He could not forget the “ravishing sound of the songs and hallelujahs that I heard, and the very words uttered.” He realized that “all the kingdoms of the earth were in my sight as nothing and vanity.” He sought to help others realize what glories awaited them if they gave their lives to Jesus.

Today, don’t be discouraged by problems. Stay faithful. And let God take away your burdens. Remember, He has prepared indescribable blessings for you.