Your Future

Your Future

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Although Nils Frykman grew up in a Christian home, his life changed forever because of revivals that broke out throughout Sweden in the 1850s. As he matured in his faith, he sensed that God was inspiring him to write hymns. He started carrying a pencil and paper, so he always was ready to write what God revealed.

In 1883 while facing many uncertainties, Frykman wrote a hymn called “My Future.” In Andrew Skoog’s translation, we read how Frykman realized, “I have a future all sublime, beyond the realms of space and time, where my Redeemer I shall see, and sorrow nevermore shall be.”

Looking back, he realized that he had “a precious heritage.” While on earth, he might not understand everything that takes place but “while I tarry here below,” he believed that God “gives me what is best.” Thinking about God, his heart filled with worship. He knew He had a plan, and God had delivered him from worry: “He bids me cast on Him my care. What then remains for me to bear?”

Frykman knew he could experience “sweet peace” for “all is well,” confident that Jesus “leads me safely throughout life.” He prayed that his “precious Savior” would teach him to live “more true to Thee.”

You may not know the future, but your Heavenly Father does. Commit your life to Him. Be faithful. Trust Him for whatever your future may hold!