Your Freewill Offering

Your Freewill Offering

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David felt his life was in danger. He described how “strangers have risen against me” and “ruthless men seek my life.” These were people with no regard for God or concern for His standards.

Facing this crisis, David turned to God, asking Him to “save me by Your name, and vindicate me by Your might.” He asked God to hear his prayer and “give ear to the words of my mouth.”

David was so confident that God would answer that he could declare that He was “my helper” and “the upholder of my life.” He knew that he could trust God to take appropriate action.

As David turned to God, he found a change in his attitude. Instead of feeling afraid and uncertain, he felt victorious. He became confident that God was with him, and would protect and bless him. His heart filled with praise. To express his gratitude and gratefulness, David vowed to sacrifice to Him “with a freewill offering.”

This offering may have been a sacrifice, but it was given freely and gladly out of the resources God had given him. He was grateful for what God had done, and how He had delivered him “from every trouble.” Instead of being a victim, he could see how God had made him triumph over his enemies.

Today, you may face troubles or opposition. You may have financial or physical needs. Remember that God is with you in every situation. You can call on Him. But always remember not to take His blessings for granted. Remember to thank Him. And look for ways to express your gratitude. To give sacrificial offerings to Him. Freely. Out of your heart.