Your Everything

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The son of a judge, Thomas Kelly seemed destined to become a lawyer. But at age 23, he experienced a spiritual awakening and dedicated his life to the Gospel. His conversion was intense. He spoke with such conviction
and force that, for a time, church leaders banned him from public preaching.

Born in Ireland on this day in 1769, Kelly went on to preach openly and powerfully in his own church. He developed his messages from his in-depth Bible studies and knowledge of Greek and other ancient languages.

He primarily is remembered as a writer of hundreds of hymns. Perhaps the best loved is “Praise the Savior, Ye Who Know Him.” It was inspired by Kelly’s gratitude and love of the Lord.

He asked, “Who can tell how much we owe Him?” As we become conscious of His blessings, we gladly should submit our lives to Him. We can feel safe for “nothing moves and nothing harms us when we trust in Him.” We can depend on Him for He never changes. And “neither force nor guile can sever those He loves from Him.”

Shortly before his death, someone tried to comfort Kelly by reading from Psalms, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” With his last remaining strength he answered, “The Lord is my everything.”

Think about all that God has done for you! Praise Him. Thank Him. Remember that you owe everything to Him. Make Him your everything!