Your Environment

Your Environment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Picture Frédéric Chopin, sitting alone at his piano. Rich tunes emerging from his keyboard. Colorful music, some with complex chords and memorable melodies. Also picture him enthralling audiences in the salons of Paris, impressing the cultural elite. However, because of his late nights and bohemian lifestyle, his health declined.

Born in Poland on this day in 1810, Chopin lived just 39 years. His legacy was a unique collection of compositional masterpieces that have stood the test of time. His music emerged out of an often troubled life. Spending most of his adult years in Paris, Chopin was said to have had “many bad friends.” These surroundings have been described as a “treacherous precipice of sin and debauchery.”

In contrast, Chopin had been raised in a home where Christian values were important. His parents
continually showed concern, writing him about praying for him every day.

While living in an environment of uncertain morality, Chopin made a minimal effort to maintain his faith. He knew the Bible and often prayed. Yet, as a servant commented, he didn’t like anyone to know that he “was religious.”

But when his health deteriorated, he turned more toward his faith, finding comfort and peace. He also
seemed to realize that he was paying for mistakes he had made.

While Chopin enriched the world with masterpieces, there is no doubt that he associated with questionable people and made some dubious decisions. His story reminds us of the prodigal son, who had a loving father and was blessed in many ways. Yet this son wasted what he had been given in “wild living.”

Don’t waste your opportunities. Seek God’s wisdom for your decisions. Ask for His discernment about your friends and influences, and how you spend your life.