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As a young man living in Kentucky in 1801, Peter Cartwright felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Concerned about mistakes he had made, he fell on his knees and asked God to have mercy on him. But he still “found no relief.”

It was a time when the region was buzzing about the first camp meetings. As Cartwright described, “it excited great wonder and surprise” and “kindled a religious flame.”

Later that year, eager to be free of his burdens, he attended a revival inspired by the Cane Ridge camp meeting. There was so much hunger for God that “the church would not hold the tenth part of the congregation” and a special stand had to be built.

One night during the camp meeting, he was moved by God’s power and began praying fervently. Suddenly, he had a fresh encounter. He recalled, “Divine light flashed all round me, unspeakable joy sprung up in my soul. I rose to my feet, opened my eyes, and it really seemed as if I was in Heaven.” He never again had doubts.

Do you need a breakthrough? God gave one to Peter Cartwright. The Bible describes how God gave a similar breakthrough to Cornelius, a Gentile who went to great lengths to hear the Good News.

God can give you the breakthroughs you need. Cry out to Him. Seek Him. Don’t let anything stop you. He is the God of breakthroughs!