Focused on Your Assignments

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Daniel was “astonished.” He had been given a vast vision of future events. Yet he did not understand any of it. In fact, the entire experience left him sick and exhausted. He must have been perplexed, and perhaps confused. God had given him this vision, but he did not even begin to understand its meaning, or what to do about it. He must have had many questions.

What was his response? After initially being sick, he could have remained in this condition indefinitely. He could have wallowed in doubt, fear, or frustration. He could have been paralyzed by wonder and worry.

But Daniel did none of these things. He was honest. While being “astonished” by the dream, he determined to throw himself back into the work he had been given to do.

This provides a model for all of us. In fact, in our own way, we may have experiences similar to that of Daniel. We can be sure that there are things that we may not understand. We may have questions about God’s plan for our lives, and even wonder why our prayers don’t seem to be answered. We may face decisions that seem perplexing, or challenges that seem overwhelming.

At moments like these we can learn from Daniel’s reaction. To remember the assignments that God has given us. To focus on the work that He has called us to do. While we continue to seek Him for understanding, to be faithful with the gifts and talents He has given us.

In your life, be open to the insights God gives you. Seek Him for wisdom and revelation. But always remember that He understands your limits. He asks you to stay faithful. To stay committed to complete the assignments you have been given.