Your Assignment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Among the thousands of people in Israel, a select handful were chosen to be gatekeepers. In fact, the Bible tells us the exact number: 212 men. And each gatekeeper had a special assignment and a unique role to fill. Some were responsible for the rooms and treasuries. Some for articles used in the services. Some for the furnishings. Some for “mixing the spices.” Some for baking or preparing the offering bread.

But each task was important, and the Bible says that each person was dedicated to master the necessary skills. The community depended on each person to complete his assignment. It was an “office of trust.”

In the same way these gatekeepers fulfilled their purposes, each one of us has been given a God-given purpose. We are given unique gifts and talents, and called to serve Him in specific ways within the Body of Christ.

But many people fail to complete their calling. Some are distracted. Instead of focusing on their God-given assignments, they complain and gossip. They become caught up in the pressures, or allow themselves to become frustrated. Some become discouraged, wondering if their work matters, or if they really need to do their best.

There are important lessons to learn from these 212 gatekeepers. Just as the rest of Israel depended upon these men, the Body of Christ is counting on you to do the tasks God has assigned you. You have a special calling, a unique assignment from God.

Today, make sure that you are committed to complete your assignment, and to serve Him in all you do. Doing everything with a commitment to excellence. As unto the Lord.