Your Actions

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

It is one thing to profess our faith. It is another to prove our beliefs through our actions. Writing to Titus, Paul used a word indicating that some people simply repeat what others say. They are echoes, going along with the crowd. But their lives tell a different story. They may profess to know God but actually “deny” Him by what they say and do.

As many as 95% of Americans say they believe in God. More than half attend church every month. But how many really put His teaching into practice? How many really believe the Bible is God’s Word?

Ultimately, we all need to think about these questions. Do we really know God or just know about Him? Are we sure about our relationship with Jesus? Or are we merely echoing what other people want us to say? Are we being led by the Spirit or following our desires? Do we really know the Bible and what it teaches?

When others look at you, do they see Jesus? Do they see more of your flesh or more of Him? Do they see the fruit of the Spirit or your own human tendencies?

Declare anew that Jesus is your Lord. Commit your life to follow Him. Be sure that the Bible sets your standards, not the opinions of the world. Seek to live so others see the truth of the Gospel through you.