Worn Down by Deceit

Worn Down by Deceit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The psalmist was frustrated. Facing troubles, he found people who seemed ready to help – people who made promises, seemed knowledgeable, and seemed to care about the issues. But in the end, he discovered they were being deceptive and had just made empty promises.

What bothered him was that much of what they said sounded believable. They gave the appearance of being sincere. But they were being deceitful. He wanted peace, but these people, regardless of what they said, wanted war; they hated peace.

Have you ever encountered people whom you learn are deceitful? They say one thing but do another. They give the appearance of being for peace and harmony, but in their hearts want war. They sound sincere, but just want to manipulate you to get you to do what they want.

The world is filled with people like this. They can be persuasive. They may fool some people with their promises and smooth talk. They might even try to fool you.

Be careful about whom you trust and believe. Be on the alert for those trying to trick you. You can find them all around you, trying to sell you products to support their causes.

Ask God for discernment about people and products. Stay sensitive to His Spirit. Don’t believe everything you hear. And remember, you can trust in God and believe His Word.