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For many musicians, it is a critical part of the process of developing potential and fulfillment. This is what is called “woodshedding.”

According to author William Saffire, the woodshed “entered the American language in 1844” and “was used mainly by people who had moved from farm to city and no longer had a large barn out back.” In some contexts it became used to describe a place of punishment. But for the musician, the woodshed is a place of privacy, and an essential part of the maturation process.

The woodshed symbolizes an environment where musicians can practice and practice. In this isolated environment they can study the example of other musicians. Where they can rehearse and experiment without fear of causing a reaction.

One noted musician used this term to describe his response to young musicians who had been given opportunities but demonstrated that they were not quite ready for the limelight. They needed to go “back to the woodshed,” for more practice and study, until they were more prepared.

The Bible reminds believers that we need to go through a similar process in our spiritual lives. Paul instructed his young friend Timothy that new converts needed to receive training, and that church leaders needed to be “tested” and prepared for the tasks they would face (1 Timothy 3:1-11).

Each of us is called to be students of the Word. To go into our prayer closets for time alone with the Lord. To continually humble ourselves before Him and be sensitive to the leading of His Spirit. Never to be arrogant but always having the attitude of a servant. Cooperating with Him when He tests and trains us. Confident that He wants the best for us, to refine and purify us.