Wood, Hay and Stubble

Wood, Hay and Stubble

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the moment, some things may seem important. They appear to be high priorities, worthy of our effort and energies. But in fact, over time it can become clear that many of these things really aren’t that important.

The Bible calls these trivial pursuits wood, hay, and stubble. These are the temporary things that can distract us and occupy our time and attention. The sad fact is that many Christians still are focused on these temporary things.

While God has given us the freedom to make choices, the Bible also reminds us that He is our Judge. He evaluates how we invest our time and resources. We all need to remember that one day everything we do will be tested by fire. Some work will survive, while some will not.

Pursuing temporary things may not prevent us from spending eternity with Jesus, but it will keep us from receiving God’s fullest blessings. The Bible tells us, if a man’s work be destroyed under the test, he loses it all (1 Corinthians 3:15 Phillips).

Today, think about the choices you are making with your time, talent, and treasure. Have you been investing in wood, hay, and stubble? What will happen when your works are tested by fire?

Ask God to give you His priorities. Surrender your life anew to Him. Make sure you are laying the right foundation, investing your resources in God’s Kingdom and ready to face Him when you die.