All Things Are Possible

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As a child in nineteenth-century Sweden, Lina Sandell had an illness that left her paralyzed and confined in bed. The doctors considered her situation hopeless, but Lina and her parents continued to pray and believe that God could heal her.

One Sunday morning when she was twelve years old, she remained home while her family went to church. Staying in tune with the message to be heard by her family, she picked up her Bible and read the text for the day, which told how Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead. People said that nothing could be done to help this girl. But Jesus knew that anything was possible to those who believe, and raised her to life.

Lina saw herself in this story and thought that if Jesus could raise this dead girl, He could heal her paralysis. So she prayed with all the fervor she had. Suddenly, she was filled with unspeakable joy. She got up and walked! It was a miracle!

Lina went through many difficulties in her life, but always remembered that God was with her, and that all things were possible with Him. She expressed this faith through the many hymns she wrote.

Today, you may face situations that seem hopeless. But the Bible tells us that, with God, nothing is impossible. He looks for people with faith, who are willing to believe and trust Him, even when circumstances seem unlikely.

When Lina Sandell believed that all things were possible, her life was changed. This kind of faith can change your life, too. Declare God’s promises to be true for you. Dare to believe that His power is available to you and that all things are possible. Be bold. Keep believing and do not doubt. With God, there are no limits.