Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many desire to become a Navy SEAL, but only few actually succeed. (“SEAL” is developed from their commitment to Sea, Air, and Land.)

Those who pass through the strict requirements of initial application must undergo a rigorous training program that takes at least a year and a half. But most fall out, and only about 25% of the 1,000 who enter the program each year successfully become SEALs. The result is an elite force of about 2,500, among the most respected military organizations in the world.

What makes a successful SEAL? Mark Divine, Commander, U.S. Navy SEALs (Retired), has described the moment he began to realize what was required. It came during a personal interview with the commander, who for ten minutes silently stared at Divine. Realizing that he was being tested, Divine began to grasp the extraordinary discipline that he would need.

When the commander finally spoke, he asked, “What do you stand for?” He wasn’t interested in clichés, or what others thought. “What are your rock-bottom beliefs, that stand beyond which you won’t be pushed?”

Divine was to learn that, to be successful, SEALs need to know their individual gifts and the specific part they play on the team. They also must realize that even the best SEALs “can get distracted.” It was critical to “declutter” their minds, and focus with incredible intensity.

The Bible reminds us how easily Believers can be distracted. How much we, too, need to focus. To know what we believe.

Today, ask God to give you clarity about your calling and purpose. Ask Him to help you have a heart of service. Not to be entangled with distractions, focused on the Gospel and His Kingdom.