Wholly Committed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When he became a clerk in his uncle’s shoe store, Dwight Moody never could have anticipated how his life would change. Born on this day in 1837 on a small New England farm, Moody now found himself surrounded by a strong, Christian atmosphere. His uncle, a committed Christian, even required Moody to attend church as a condition of employment.

In the store, Moody constantly was exposed to the Gospel. Even simple tasks became opportunities for evangelism. In fact, it was while Moody was wrapping shoes that a Sunday School teacher led him to Christ. That conversion was a spark that ignited a total commitment to serve God. As his burden for souls intensified, he felt God’s call to dedicate his life to ministry.

In 1858, he started his own Sunday School in an abandoned freight car in Chicago. Many responded. Seeking new outreaches, Moody began holding meetings first in the U.S., and then in Europe. Momentum built and his crusades started attracting multitudes. As many as a million people became believers as a result.

What made Moody different? His friend, R.A. Torrey, felt that Moody was different because “he was a fully surrendered man.” He was a man “who belonged wholly to God.”

Early in Moody’s ministry, British pastor Henry Varley told him, “It remains to be seen what God will do with a man who gives himself up wholly to Him.” Moody reportedly said, “I will be that man.” Describing his commitment, Moody told Torrey, “If I believed that God wanted me to jump out of that window, I would jump.”

Ask yourself, what is your level of commitment? What are your priorities? Are you willing to lay everything else aside to serve God? Be ready to commit everything to serve Jesus. And follow Him wherever He leads.