Who Is Your King

Who Is Your King?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

During the time of Jesus’ ministry, Rome was ruled by Tiberius, who became emperor in 14 AD. Considered a fine administrator, he accomplished some positive things during his reign. However in later years, he battled increased insecurity, feeling that many conspired against him. He developed poor relations with the Roman Senate and conducted a reign of terror in which many were accused of treason.

In AD 27 about the time of Jesus’ ministry, Tiberius left Rome to visit the southern parts of Italy. En route, he traveled to the island of Capri. Enjoying himself, he decided to stay and never left the island.

On Capri, he became even more distrustful and paranoid. He built a dozen villas with prisons, underground dungeons, torture chambers, and places of execution. He filled these villas with treasures and art objects and brought to the island countless servants, guards, entertainers, philosophers, astrologers, and musicians.

In his later years, he indulged in cruel, obscene entertainment. Many of those who displeased him were put to death.

It is amazing to realize that when the chief priests declared that they had no king but Caesar, they were speaking of this cruel, insecure, unbalanced man!

Today, who is your king? Do you worship the people in this world who have power and wealth? Or do you worship Jesus? Make Him your Lord! And surrender your time, talents, and treasures to Him.