Who Are You?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How do you react when you read the story of Paul’s first encounter with the Christians in Ephesus?

Many might identify with Paul. They feel spiritually mature and confident in their relationship with God and understanding of the Bible. If we’re in this position, we look at others with concern and sympathy. We are sensitive to what we sense they might need spiritually to be more victorious and complete. We are willing to correct them in areas where we think they are wrong, and complete their understanding when we sense that their understanding is incomplete.

Perhaps we don’t think we are like the Ephesians. We see these people as being spiritually deficient, with an incomplete understanding of the Gospel. Although they felt confident and satisfied, there was more that they needed to learn and experience.

However, we may be more like the Ephesians than we think. In fact, all of us have more to learn. We all are incomplete in our understanding, and even wrong about some things. There is much more that God still can show us.

But it takes humility to admit there is more we can learn. It’s hard to acknowledge that we may not be as complete and correct as we think. We must be teachable, even about fundamental issues of the faith.

Today, ask God if there is more He wants to teach you. Humble yourself before Him. Cry out for His wisdom. Seek to go deeper in your relationship with Him, flowing more freely in His Spirit. Be committed to following Jesus.