Wherever You Go

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Carl Rosenius lived during a time when the state church in his native Sweden dominated religious life. But he came to realize the importance of a person’s personal relationship with Jesus, a revelation that sparked a revival that swept the country.

Rosenius was born on this day in 1816, in northern Sweden, about 300 miles north of Stockholm. The son of a pastor, even as a boy he often read the Bible and prayed. He also often walked in nature, reflecting on God and life. His travels brought him into contact with often overlooked people who lived far from population centers in northern Sweden and Finland.

As an adult, he never forgot the people living in these remote places. As a lay pastor, he held services on farms and in isolated villages, reaching hunters and lumberjacks.

Reflecting his experiences as a traveler, he wrote a hymn known in English as, “Where’er I go.” In this, Rosenius described how he knew a Friend who went with him everywhere, “in mountains, woods, or valleys.” This Friend protected him and granted him peace.

This Friend was Jesus, who was his shepherd, who sets His sheep free. Rosenius knew that Jesus died to save him, and that following Him was the key to eternal live. But Jesus also helps right now, providing “joy and peace sublime.”

His prayer was that Jesus would lead him. Rosenius knew that He had “known great sadness,” and that the roads of life could lead through deserts. But he asked Jesus to help him trust Him, to “know that you are near.” That he would “rest secure.” And, when he met Jesus face-to- face, he would cry, “You’re my Lord eternally!”

In your life, remember that God is with you wherever you go. Place your trust in Him.