When the Spirit Arrives

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Luke described two ways that the Holy Spirit would change Mary’s life. First, He would “come upon” her. The Greek words describe the process of arriving or overtaking. Here we see the way in which the Holy Spirit interacts with us. He arrives in the midst of our circumstances. He comes from on High, “upon” us, as if from another dimension.

Second, God’s power would “overshadow” her. The Greek word describes the impact of a shadow being cast, as if being enveloped, as in a cloud. Luke used the same word when describing the experience Jesus had during the transfiguration, how “a cloud formed and began to overshadow them” (Luke 9:34).

These examples help us see how the Spirit arrives and envelopes our lives, overtaking us in a way so overwhelming that we are capable of doing extraordinary things. He can arrive at work or home, day or night. And He can overshadow us, in moments when we are subsumed by His presence. So overwhelmed that we can be transformed! Our nature changes, as we are surrounded by Him.

These dimensions seem like fiction to outsiders. They cannot imagine that this kind of supernatural experience is possible. They do not understand how the Spirit can change “normal” people. The Spirit can inspire us to write words or music that come from Him. We can receive ideas that are not our own, and be given supernatural insights.

At times like these, we know that we have been used by God, and simply are vessels for His Spirit. And that He gets all the glory.

Today, seek to be sensitive to the Spirit in your life. Be ready and available. Expectant and full of faith.