When the Disciples Failed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The man had a serious need. His son was a “lunatic” and “very ill.” He must have heard how Jesus had healed seemingly incurable diseases. When he encountered Jesus’ disciples, they clearly thought they could heal the boy. After all, Jesus had empowered them to heal (Matthew 10:8). Yet, for whatever reason, they could not heal him. But Jesus took action and “the boy was cured at once.”

From Jesus’ reaction, He indicated that something was missing in the preparation of the disciples, and the way they approached this problem. They wanted to know what they had done wrong: “Why could we not drive it out?” His answer? They needed to be better prepared. To be armed and ready. Spiritually sensitive. Ready to act in faith. They didn’t need much, just “faith the size of a mustard seed.”

But they needed a confident faith. A bold faith. Faith without doubt or hesitation. Faith that they would get through prayer and fasting.

Jesus demonstrated that He can do anything, that there was no reason for failure. He expected that His disciples should have the same results. Yet they failed.

In a way, their failure gives us hope. The Bible tells us that there were times when they did heal everyone. But also there were times when they fell short. We, too, may find ourselves experiencing the same kinds of results. In spite of our expectations, we, too, may not see the results we anticipate.

These are moments to learn from what Jesus told His disciples. To realize the importance of preparation. To seek to be spiritually strong. To be people of deep prayer. Absolutely confident in our relationship with the Lord. Always ready to act by faith.