When No One Knows

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What are we like when we’re alone? When no one sees us or knows what we’re doing? Do we use these moments to indulge in the flesh? To sneak in some “harmless” sin?

In moments like these, we can forget that God sees us, even when no one else is around. In fact, He laid out principles in the Law to help us know how to act at these times.

He even provided rules for circumstances in which no one knows who committed a crime. These precise rules went so far as to define proper conduct when, after extensive investigation, the guilty person could not be identified.

In the world, both then and now, many people ignore these kinds of guidelines (and the rest of the commands in God’s Word). They cheat and steal, deceive and lie-anything to profit, gain an advantage, or escape punishment.

But the Bible reminds us that God knows the truth in every situation. He knows who is guilty and who is innocent. He knows our hearts, what we think and do…even things done in “secret.”

His Word reminds us to be aware of His constant Presence. We are called to a higher standard. We must act with integrity and honesty, even if no one can see us. We are to do what’s right, all the time.

Today, remember that God is with you in every situation. You can call on Him for wisdom and guidance, protection and favor. Also remember that He’s watching what you do and how you do it. Demonstrate your faithfulness by always being conscious of His Presence, always seeking to please Him, and always setting a good example.