A Home When God Is There

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born in April 1794 in Hingham, Massachusetts, Henry Ware, Jr. knew the value of a Christian family. Through the influence of his father, who was a minister, Ware became a pastor and later a professor at the Harvard Divinity School. He also edited a Christian publication and actively sought to help others live fruitful Christian lives.

Ware saw how easily the things of the world could disrupt family life and how important it was for Believers to have strong Christian homes. He expressed these truths in a hymn called, “Happy the Home When God Is There,” which was published in 1846, three years after his death.

Ware wrote, “Happy the home when God is there, and love fills every breast; when one their wish, and one their prayer, and one their heav’nly rest.” He knew how quickly each family member could be distracted and wrote, “Happy the home where Jesus’ Name is sweet to every ear; where children early speak His fame, and parents hold Him dear.”

Ware knew that prayer and praise needed to be at the center of family life: “Happy the home where prayer is heard, and praise each day does rise; where parents love the sacred Word and all its wisdom prize.” He prayed that God would “let us in our homes agree this blessed peace to gain; unite our hearts in love to Thee, and love to all will reign.”

Today, remember how swiftly your home can be torn apart by distractions and things of the world. Make sure God is the center of your family life. Make your home a place of prayer. Every day, read the Bible and put its truths into practice in your life.