Whatever You Ask

Whatever You Ask

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

After studying the lives of several Christians, Hudson Taylor observed that many knew the promises in the Bible but didn’t put them into practice. Deciding to try God at His Word, Taylor determined that Jesus would be Lord of every part of his life. As he said, Christ is either Lord of all, or He is not Lord at all.

Born on this date in 1832, Taylor was saved when he was just 17. He felt called to be a missionary to China, but first he wanted to be sure he could depend on God and the promise that Jesus would do whatever we ask in His name. Was it possible to move man, through God, by prayer alone?

Taylor prayed, and God miraculously provided for his every need. Every bill was paid, and every challenge was met.

Encouraged, the young missionary left England with confidence. During his 51-year ministry in China, Taylor established hundreds of mission stations and brought the Gospel to thousands. He had this effective ministry because he trusted God. As a result, countless lives were changed.

God looks for people who, like Hudson Taylor, are willing to take Him at His Word. He is ready to do great things in your life.

Declare that His promises are true. Commit yourself to Him. Boldly believe that He will do whatever you ask in His name. Trust Him today!