What Will Become Clear

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It can be hard for us to recognize God’s plans. To realize that His purposes may be different than ours, and that He views the events differently than we do.

From our perspective, we want difficulties to end NOW, our needs to be met NOW, our enemies to be defeated NOW! But the Bible reminds us that God has an eternal perspective, and that everything will happen in His time. How often He is at work in our lives in ways we may not recognize.

As the Psalmist dealt with these issues, subjectively, he felt afflicted and discouraged. Yet he came to realize that God was using his experiences for the benefit of “the generation to come.” That others would benefit from the lessons God was teaching him.

We need to remember that His promises always are true, no matter how we feel or what others say. Regardless of how circumstances appear, He always hears us, He always answers prayers, and He never forgets us. He has a unique perspective, but always is “the same” and His “years will not come to an end.”

Eventually, we will see the entire panorama of our lives, and all of these truths will become clear. Our task is to have faith in Him, and remain faithful.

These are important issues as you think about your life. Be confident that He knows what you are going through. You are not forgotten. He hears you when you pray. Don’t give up hope, but continue to trust Him. You can rejoice that, eventually, everything will become clear.