What We Worship

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

One visitor described the impact as providing her with “a window to the beyond.” A way to look “at the infinite.” Another called it “a sacred place,” a place “sanctified by the prayers of the people.” It has been called “an interfaith sanctuary.”

This is Rothko Chapel. Not really a “chapel,” this museum houses fourteen paintings by American artist Mark Rothko, who was born in 1903.

Some are mystified by the appeal of these paintings, large canvases which focus on colors and shapes. One artist commented, “I hate Rothko’s paintings! I never understood what was so great about his ‘work.’” Another critic has said, “I don’t get it. They just look like paint samples.”

Yet many have been impacted. They inspired American composer Morton Feldman to write dramatic music featuring ethereal sounds inspired by the chapel and Rothko’s paintings.

Located in Houston, Texas, the chapel opened in February 1971. But Rothko himself was not alive to witness this place of veneration, for he had committed suicide a year earlier.

In the world, people may be inspired by many things. Paintings and designs. Fashions and buildings. Songs and scenery. We may not build a chapel for these things but, in their own way, they may become objects of worship. What we look to for inspiration.

The Bible warns us about guarding our affections and keeping life in perspective. There may be things and places we might find appealing. But we need to be careful only to worship God. To focus on our Creator rather than created things. To make Him the center of our lives.