What We Remember

What We Remember

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Asaph faced significant problems. As he confessed in this psalm, he was so perplexed that his “soul refused to be comforted” and so distressed that he could not speak (v. 2). Battling anguish, he cried to God from the depths of his soul. Wondering if God had rejected him, he asked if He ever would show him favor again.

But everything changed when Asaph remembered all that God had done in his past. He thought about God’s Word and His wonderful deeds.

As Asaph discovered, something happens when we focus on God, when we think about all He has promised and done. When, instead of thinking about our situation, we focus on Him, we are grateful. Instead of repeatedly churning over our problems, we meditate on His promises. Our challenges don’t seem hopeless when we realize that He is the “God who works wonders.”

As long as we are fixed on our difficulties and weaknesses, we can feel defeated. Therefore, we need to focus on God and fill our hearts and minds with His Word and think about Him. Remember the many ways He has answered prayer and blessed us in the past.

Don’t be crippled by the challenges you face. Pause and think about God’s faithfulness. Remember His many deeds. Declare truths from His Word. Let faith arise in your heart and have confidence in Him. You serve the God who performs miracles and works wonders.