What We Fight Over

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Few people in the world today have even heard of Edirne (or its ancient name, “Adrianople”). Although this has been a provincial capital in Eastern Turkey, it is not even a large city.

Yet John Keegan, the preeminent military historian, concluded that this was “the most frequently contested spot on the globe.” More battles in history have been fought here than any other location.

What has made this location so important? It is situated on a land bridge, connecting Asia and Europe along two major routes. The nation that controlled this piece of land had major advantages.

However, today it remains largely forgotten, and without international significance. The issues that made Edirne so critical no longer seem to matter to the nations of the world.

Too often, people become engaged in conflicts that occupy their time and energy, only to realize later that these issues aren’t so important after all. In the heat of the moment, even Christians sometimes engage in these kinds of battles. We can become offended by words other people have said and allow our hearts to fill with hate, bitterness, or anger. By doing this, we’re forgetting that we are part of the same Body and serve the same God.

Today, think about the eternal consequences of the decisions you make. Remember how different all the activities in your life will appear when you stand before God. He will ask you about your priorities, and what you did with your time, talent, and resources.

Don’t waste what God has given you! And don’t become distracted by things that do not have eternal consequences. Make your life count for God. Always seek first His Kingdom.