What to Do

What to Do

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

David needed direction. Struggling, he spoke of “groaning” and his “enemies.” Praying earnestly, he asked God to “listen to my cry for help” (v. 1-2). He also recognized that he needed to purify his heart and mind and be pleasing to Him.

He knew the importance of humility and depending on God’s “unfailing love” (v. 7). Others might focus on themselves or be willing to act in ways contrary to His will. But David took refuge in God, totally trusting in Him.

He knew that God would “bless the godly” and surround them with a “shield of love” (v. 12). Then, he could ask God with confidence to lead him in the right path and tell him clearly what to do and where to go.

Many people spend time praying and asking for guidance but fail to realize the role that we can play. Our hearts and minds can be complicated with sin and pride. Bad habits and corrupt relationships can point us in the wrong direction. Like David, we need to recognize the importance of being faithful, trusting in God, and seeking to please to Him.

The Bible assures us that God is ready to guide you. Allow Him to search your heart to remove any obstacles. Make sure your heart is right before Him. Surrender your life anew to Him. Let Him take away your burdens and lead you in the right path.