What Seems Impossible

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Moses couldn’t believe what he heard! God promised not only to provide food for the Israelites, but to overwhelm them with meat. To Moses, this sounded impossible.

Considering every possible resource, he couldn’t imagine how God could fulfill this promise. In fact, even if they killed all of their flocks and herds, and “caught all the fish in the sea,” that would not be enough.

Moses seemed to have forgotten the miracles God performed in Egypt and on their wilderness journey, providing water out of solid rock and meeting their other needs. Responding to Moses’ doubt, God asked a blunt question: “Do you think I’m weak?”

We can wonder what Moses thought about this question. But God continued by declaring, “Now you will see if I can do what I say.”

Convinced and humbled, Moses delivered God’s message. And, just as He promised, God provided meat for His people in a miraculous way: By sending a strong wind that “blew quail into the area all around the camp.” This was more than enough to feed His people.

So how do we react to the “impossible” situations in our lives? We may read God’s promises and react with doubt, sure that they are unrealistic. As we think about our problems, it can feel like defeat is inevitable. We can feel discouraged and hopeless. But we must remember that God did the impossible for the Israelites—not just once, but over and over again. He can do the same for us.

In your life, remember that God can turn around any situation. Remember His promises. Never give up hope, but expect answers from God. With Him, nothing is impossible!