What One Person Can Accomplish

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For centuries, Assyria was a leading power in the ancient world. From 1300-609 BC, their intimidating, ruthless army struck terror throughout the region by burning cities, killing children, and chopping off hands. Their cruelty was designed to eliminate resistance.

During the time of Jonah, Assyria became preoccupied and was less of a threat. To take advantage of their comparative weakness, Israel and other nations formed a coalition. But this strategy failed when the coalition split up. Eventually, Assyria returned to its strategy of relentless conquests.

As happens so often in history, Assyria felt that they controlled their own destiny, and did whatever they wanted. But God, who is sovereign over all creation, had other ideas. He simply sent one man—Jonah—into Nineveh, Assyria’s capital.

Jonah brought no armies, and did not represent a coalition of nations. He simply delivered God’s message, calling Nineveh to repent of their sins. But that one man accomplished what armies never could achieve: The people repented, and lives were changed.

What makes Jonah’s impact even more amazing is that he accepted this assignment reluctantly. His story demonstrates that God can work even through a reluctant messenger. If we will but obey Him, He can work in powerful ways.

The world often looks to military, economic, or political power. But God looks for faithful people who will obey Him, and step out in faith. He can do more through one person who is fully surrendered to Him than a nation can do with armies.

Today, ask yourself if you are committed to follow Him? Are you ready to step out in faith? Don’t hold back. Surrender your life anew to Him. Be ready to serve in whatever task to which you are called. Trust Him for blessing and victory. Believe Him for miracles.