What Job Learned

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Job had gone through difficult circumstances. As he tried to sort out what had happened, and why, he made many charges against God. He had developed his own understanding. But, at the end of the process, after God Himself spoke to him, it was clear that he had learned many things.

First, Job realized just how limited he was. How flawed his conclusions had been. Job thought he understood God, but in fact he was blinded by self-confidence. Through his experiences, he realized how foolish he had been. He learned why it is important to humble ourselves before God, and seek His understanding.

Second, he learned that God was much more powerful than he could imagine. That He could do anything. Truly His power was not limited by Job’s understanding, concepts, or beliefs. And He learned that no one ever should underestimate Him, or what He can do.

Looking back, Job could remember the things he said. But he also could realize that he had been too quick to speak and make judgments. He needed to learn the importance of being “swift to hear, slow to speak” (James 1:19).

Finally, Job learned that he needed a more in-depth, intimate relationship with God. He thought he knew God, but realized he needed more personal experience with Him. That he had much to learn.

In your life, remember these lessons. Humble yourself before God, and seek to know Him more intimately. Learn from Job and realize more of God’s greatness and your own limits. And long for more personal fellowship with Him.