What God Requires

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Every day, we are bombarded with choices. With opinions and options. With images and advice. And we face the pressure to conform to the things of this world.

Christians, too, face many choices. About theology and doctrine. Interpretation and expectations. The whole process can seem so complicated. At moments like these, the words of Micah can provide a soothing balm.

First, we are to realize that God already has told us “what is good.” What? By focusing on His Word. To fill our lives with the Bible. To know it. Study it. The more we know the Word, the greater clarity we will have about “what is good.” The more certainty we will have about the issues of the day. If we have questions or doubts, we need to look to the Word. If people challenge us, we need to look to the Word. Then we simply need to put the Word into practice.

Then, Micah reminds us of what God “requires.” In every situation, we need to do the right thing. Never compromising our standards or God’s Word. Not doing what seems popular. Always trusting Him. This means knowing His Word, and being consumed with the desire to please Him.

But we also need to have a passion for kindness. To be good and faithful, in the sight of God and other people. And we need to walk humbly with Him. This means making it a priority to fellowship with Him. To spend quality time with Him.

This relationship can transform our lives, and help us understand His perspective on the issues we face. This also means trusting Him. Depending on Him. Seeking Him.

Today, remember these simple truths. This is what He requires of you.