What God has Given You

What God has Given You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

After the Israelites crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, each tribe had been given territory to possess. Some tribes established firm control over their designated areas, but others failed. Consequently, the enemies of these tribes remained entrenched, and these tribes never experienced true freedom.

God had warned the Israelites to drive out these peoples or they would be “snares and traps” (Joshua 23:13). They would be scourges and thorns in their eyes. Even though God had given the land to them, these Israelites did not have the faith, conviction, or determination to believe Him for complete victory.

Many Christians are like these Israelites. God has given them His Word, so they can have His wisdom. He sent Jesus to die for them and give them power over the enemy. He sent His Spirit to be their Counselor and empower them. Yet many fail to experience victory and are content to accept a life of compromise, snared by the things of this world.

Remember that God already has given you everything that you need to experience victory – success in your finances, relationships, health, and every part of your life. But you need to obey Him and put His Word into practice.

Have faith and believe Him for the protection, power, and wisdom you need. Don’t be snared by traps. And don’t accept anything less than God’s best. He already has given you victory. March forward boldly!