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It was a difficult time for many Christians. Surrounded by hostile forces throughout the Middle East, these eighth century Believers settled in monasteries, seeking to find refuge, and a place to seek and serve God.

One of these Believers was a man we know as Stephen of Mar Saba. This Greek monk lived in a monastery near the Dead Sea. As choirmaster of this community, he responded to his responsibilities by composing several hymns. One of these hymns, written in this island of peace, was called “Art Thou Weary” (in the 19th century English translation of John Neale).

The inspiration of this hymn clearly was Jesus’s promise to all who were “weary and carry heavy burdens.” His promise is to give His followers rest and peace. Such a promise must have been wonderfully welcome to Believers in that monastery with Stephen.

Surrounded by enemies, facing an uncertain future, Stephen described how Jesus called His people to let Him be their Guide. We may experience “many a sorry, many a labor, many a tear.” But He promises us a crown of victory. “If I still hold closely to Him, what hath He at last? Sorrow vanquished, labor ended, Jordan passed.”

This is a testimony that can be confirmed by saints, apostles, prophets, and martyrs who answer “Yes!” They know that, “finding, following, keeping, struggling, is He sure to bless.”

Jesus still gives peace to all who come to Him. For all who feel weary, He promises to take away our burdens. For, as God promised, He is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).