We Owe Everything to God

We Owe Everything to God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

By his own admission, Gideon lacked influence and even credibility. His clan was the weakest in his tribe, and he was the least in his family (Judges 6:15). Yet, despite these weaknesses, God called him to a position of leadership.

Thanks to God’s blessing, Gideon led the Israelites to victory over an enemy with overwhelming advantages. After this victory, Gideon acknowledged that he owed everything to God. He knew he needed to depend on Him.

But as he approached the end of his life, Gideon forgot his humble beginnings and began using his position for his own advantage. He asked the people to give him the earrings they had gained from plunder, molding this gold into an ephod (idol) that would be a snare for his people. What a sad turn of events!

We must remember what happened to Gideon, never forgetting that we owe everything to God. Anything we accomplish is the result of His blessings. We need to be on guard. If we forget about God, even our successes can become snares.

As you look back over your life, think about all God has done for you: the resources and guidance He has provided, His protection and favor. Humble yourself before Him. Thank Him for all He has done. Dedicate your time, talents, and treasures to Him. Ask Him to help you be a good steward of your resources. And remember, always give Him the glory.