The Way of the Cross

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

On a recent weekend, a Colorado man decided to do something radical: spend the day at a retreat center near the Rocky Mountains. His goal? To experience for himself the “stations of the Cross” that were laid out there. This proved to be a moving, even life-changing, venture.

Over the centuries, many Christians have taken similar pilgrimages in various locations. Also known as the “Way of the Cross” or Via Dolorosa, these stations take pilgrims through the steps Jesus took on the way to the Cross. Some journeys have twelve steps—some more, some less. Some use paintings or separate rooms, where people can stop and pray. But the objective is the same.

Of course, for some this is just an empty ritual. But for many this is an opportunity to think reflectively about what Jesus did for us and visualize His experience. This is not fiction. He really suffered and died.

In our culture, it’s easy to take Jesus’ death for granted and approach this as just a story. But we need to pause and think about what He went through as He faced Pilate and Herod, as He was beaten and bruised, as He carried and was nailed to the Cross, and as He suffered His agonizing death.

Today, you may not be able to physically go through the “stations of the Cross,” but during this Holy Week, spend time reading the Biblical accounts. Think about what Jesus did that day. Ponder what His death means for you.

Because of Jesus, you can be forgiven of your sins and receive eternal life. Don’t take this for granted. Thank Him. Worship Him. Live for Him!